Wearable Computing

    I think that Google Glass and technology similar to this is a very big step in the technological world.  I believe that in a few years there will be a lot of technology similar to Google Glass.  I feel as though technology like this will become very familiar to us in a few years because  I do believe that this is the way technology is headed.  I believe this because technology has already come so far- a few years ago it was unheard of to be able to video chat on your phone, or use a gps that shows your current location on your phone as well and now that is something that seems so normal to us.  In my eyes technology is only advancing and this would be the next step that would take our technology to a whole new level.

    Some benefits of this sort of technology could be making everyday routines much simpler. By just saying a command the Google Glass would check just about anything you would need for you.  Also this could change texting and driving.  I believe there are two sides to that- the benefit and the disadvantage.  The benefit could be that people would be looking down less and paying more attention to the road, however it could also be a new sort of distraction since the windows open in your glasses it make distract you just as much as texting could.  Another disadvantage to this technology is that it could pose some privacy issues.  It asks to show your friends locations and I feel like this could be a privacy problem.  I feel as though Google Glass could be a huge step in the technology world, but may have a few flaws that  could cause potential problems to people using it.


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