Illegal Downloading

I have mixed feelings when it comes to the topic of illegal downloading and if it is in fact a victimless crime.  When it comes to me personally, I do not feel as though downloading things off of the internet affects many people.  But when I look at it in the bigger picture, I do understand the perspective of those who believe that illegal downloading is not a victimless crime.  Artist, musicians and producers create their works in order to get a profit and people downloading for free online sacrifices the profit that they should be making.  Although people look past this issue and say that these people make enough money anyways, if that was the perspective of everyone then they would never make a profit in the first place.  So looking at the bigger picture it definitely changed my overall opinion on illegal downloading, because I do think that people are affected by it and it is not a victimless crime.  

I believe that illegal downloading is in fact different than stealing.  Although you are taking potential profits that the artist would have made I think it’s different than going into a store and actually taking something. I think that downloading a song is different than stealing an actual product, because there is a certain number of products and if a lot of people stole it they would be out of stock.  However, music online is unlimited and it can’t run out, therefore it is not affecting the artist as much as if there was a limited supply.  Although I think that illegal downloading is not a victimless crime I do think it is different than stealing.


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