Why Is Criminal Justice Important?

    Criminal justice is a very important part of education as well as everyday life.  I am studying criminal justice because I have such an interest in law and how things are handled in the United States. Not only does the whole process of criminal justice interest me, Criminal justice is very important in our everyday lives because it removes criminals from the streets. The study of criminal justice not only just removes these criminals from the streets but also provides an understanding as to why these criminals do what they do, and teaches you how to recognize specific types of these criminals.  I believe that the study of criminal justice is not only crucial to keep America safe it is also important to understand that there are many different types of criminals with different motives.  I think that once you learn these certain profiles, you can not only recognize certain traits but knowing these profiles could help prevent future crimes.  Also, criminal justice is important to study- for yourself as well; studying this field you learn your basic rights and learn how law works.  Knowing about law and how it works can help me if I were to ever get into a situation where I would need to know my rights and how certain procedures need to go.  Not only can studying criminal justice help me in that aspect, it can also help in a situation where if I saw a crime I would know how to be a good witness.  In this field we learn all about being a witness and things you would need to remember and notice- this would help in a situation where if I ever saw a crime I would be able to help solve it a lot easier.  I believe that all in all criminal justice is very important field to study and understand not only to get criminals off the streets but for personal knowledge as well.

                Computers play a very important role in my major as well.  Not only are computers the main source of storing information on criminals and crimes, they are used for many other things in this field.  Computers like we learned in class could be used to hack in to suspect’s computers and files to obtain evidence.  Also there are many programs on computers that cops and detectives use to share information on certain cases and criminals.  Computers are also used to track people, they can be used to get background checks as well as look up personal information about people.  Computers are very important in my field; and the whole field of criminal justice would definitely be a lot less productive and successful without them.


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