Massive Open Online Courses

In simpler terms Massive Open Online Courses are online classes that students can take instead of taking in classroom classes.  These online courses are changing the way that education is received and reviewed.  Massive Open Online Courses can change higher education in many ways; it provides more discussion among students from many places.  It also allows ideas and discussion to be shared and interpreted among all the students taking this course.  (Marques) Another way this changes higher education is it allows students to learn and read material at their own pace.  Also taking an Massive Open Online Course does not give you a limit on attendance, you must get into a routine of logging on and getting the work you need to complete that day done. (Educause)  Another way these courses are changing higher education, is that they are giving many more people access to education without having to leave the comfort of their home or workplace. (Wallstreet Journal)  There are many positives and negatives to this new learning style, in my personal opinion online classes cannot replace in-class college classes.  These online courses, although convenient, I don’t think could possibly provide all the information and insight as a in-classroom class could.  I feel as though it would be harder to ask questions and understand material when you are just reading it or watching it on your computer.  Also, since most online classes can be taken by anyone, you may not be receiving the higher education that you would wish to receive since each online class is not personalized for each University.  Although there are many positives to online classes, I do not believe that they are up to standards or could replace  in-class college classes.



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