The United States and Syria

In recent news it was said that the United States was planning a bomb attack on Syria.  The United State’s reasoning behind this attack was because Syrian president Assad threatened to use illegal chemical weapons against Damascus.  This talk of Syrian president wanting to do this, immediately set off Obama to want to attack and bomb Syria without agreement and permission from the United Nations. (Smith) Shortly after though, things seemed to calm down and it seemed that there would be a more simple approach than immediately threatening to bomb.  There was finally an agreement between The United States and Syria under the United Nations Security council resolution. (Yahoo News) This resolution called for all of their chemical weapons to be destroyed, both countries, and ally country Russia seem to all be cooperating under this resolution.  I believe that this was a very fair compromise, I did not think that it would have been a good idea for The United States to immediately attack Syria.  The initial attack would have just brought the United States more problems and we would be fighting with a country that threatened to use illegal weapons.  Not only would it had been a bad idea for the US to bomb Syria because they would have fought back, it would have also reflected poorly on America. Also, The United Nations would have been mad at the United States and Obama for not consulting them for approval first, because it would have been illegal for them to do so since the United States has signed international treaties which would have prevented them. Over all I think that this was the best case scenario, both countries are cooperating and we are getting rid of all the illegal chemical weapons that Syria has.


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