Net Neutrality

Net neutrality is something that most people think of as a freedom, something that most people would not even think twice about having; that is until that “freedom” you thought you had gets threatened.  The whole conflict that has to do with net neutrality and SOPA AND PIPA acts I believe could even lead to bigger problems, aside from that fact that Americans will need to pay more money for speed and more access.  Net neutrality brings up the argument of discrimination, how can the government chose what we can see and what we have to pay for?  Things that the government let people access for free may be biased , and companies who are willing to pay more for advertisements will be moving ahead while underground artists or bloggers may be left in the dust.  The internet is supposed to be an equal opportunity for everyone; people who are searching things should have just as much of a chance of stumbling upon an unknown artist as they should be finding for a mainstream one.  The internet is a tool that you should  have access to anything as fast as you need it. Taking away net neutrality is taking away equality in America and taking away what many people take for granted.


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