Outsourcing is the process of taking away jobs from Americans and replacing them with people in other countries who will accept a smaller wage for the same task.  I find this to be an important subject considering a lot of Americans are suffering from unemployment.  I think that our countries first priority should be helping out our fellow Americans rather than saving money to give someone in another country the job instead.  I believe this is a problem not only due to the unemployment in America, but also because the people they are giving these jobs to are not as qualified as most Americans are, and therefore America is in fact paying less, but for less efficient service.  People lose their jobs all the time due to this outsourcing and I think that is not fair because it shows that although our country takes steps all the time in trying to help the unemployed, they are not stopping the one of the main causes of it.


Wearable Computing

    I think that Google Glass and technology similar to this is a very big step in the technological world.  I believe that in a few years there will be a lot of technology similar to Google Glass.  I feel as though technology like this will become very familiar to us in a few years because  I do believe that this is the way technology is headed.  I believe this because technology has already come so far- a few years ago it was unheard of to be able to video chat on your phone, or use a gps that shows your current location on your phone as well and now that is something that seems so normal to us.  In my eyes technology is only advancing and this would be the next step that would take our technology to a whole new level.

    Some benefits of this sort of technology could be making everyday routines much simpler. By just saying a command the Google Glass would check just about anything you would need for you.  Also this could change texting and driving.  I believe there are two sides to that- the benefit and the disadvantage.  The benefit could be that people would be looking down less and paying more attention to the road, however it could also be a new sort of distraction since the windows open in your glasses it make distract you just as much as texting could.  Another disadvantage to this technology is that it could pose some privacy issues.  It asks to show your friends locations and I feel like this could be a privacy problem.  I feel as though Google Glass could be a huge step in the technology world, but may have a few flaws that  could cause potential problems to people using it.

What should be Private, and What shouldn’t be?

On social media, there are some things that I believe should be kept private from online interacting, and some things that I do not consider a big deal when it comes to privacy.  When it comes to me and social media I keep all of my online profiles private.  I do not believe that anyone who has a computer should be able to access all of my information and pictures.  Even though I keep my profiles private, I still do not put information on there that is too personal.  I do not list where I go to school, my phone numbers, addresses or any information that someone could  use to easily track me down.  I find this information to be too personal and should be kept private.  I also do not post pictures of my home or use my location services on my phone to tag where I am when the pictures being taken.  I do not like the fact that people could use this information in order to find me if they wanted to.  I am very cautious when it comes to putting information on online social media sites because I am aware that even though I set my profile as private there are still ways of getting past that.  I think that there is no point of posting this personal information like your phone number for example, because the people who you want to have your phone number probably have it, and those who you do not want to have it should not be able to easily access it within a click of a button.  I also think that all of my photos should be private, I do not think that it is necessary for anyone to view your pictures, especially people you do not know. I think that what you do, and what you take pictures of should remain private for only people you actually know to view it.

I find there to be a problem with corporations and government to be able to freely view anything about you through social media. I do not find it right that corporations can search through your online profiles in order to determine if you can get a job with them or not. Some people do not even realize what kind of things can be found out about them through one simple Google search. People can tag you in things, and post things about you; which you have no control over, and the government and corporations can still access that and judge accordingly through that. I also do not find it right that corporations and government can still look at your profiles even though they are private. If you plan to keep your work and social life separate then there should be no reason for a corporation to judge you through what you post for your friends to see. I think that social media lets out too much private information that can be accessed way too easily, and this information that is accessed could be used to determine a lot of important things in your life.

Illegal Downloading

I have mixed feelings when it comes to the topic of illegal downloading and if it is in fact a victimless crime.  When it comes to me personally, I do not feel as though downloading things off of the internet affects many people.  But when I look at it in the bigger picture, I do understand the perspective of those who believe that illegal downloading is not a victimless crime.  Artist, musicians and producers create their works in order to get a profit and people downloading for free online sacrifices the profit that they should be making.  Although people look past this issue and say that these people make enough money anyways, if that was the perspective of everyone then they would never make a profit in the first place.  So looking at the bigger picture it definitely changed my overall opinion on illegal downloading, because I do think that people are affected by it and it is not a victimless crime.  

I believe that illegal downloading is in fact different than stealing.  Although you are taking potential profits that the artist would have made I think it’s different than going into a store and actually taking something. I think that downloading a song is different than stealing an actual product, because there is a certain number of products and if a lot of people stole it they would be out of stock.  However, music online is unlimited and it can’t run out, therefore it is not affecting the artist as much as if there was a limited supply.  Although I think that illegal downloading is not a victimless crime I do think it is different than stealing.